Essential oil candles

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Tantalize your ‘being’ in the aromatic flavour of orange and cinnamon candles

After a full day of exhaustion, when you come home to find a calm refuge where you can soothe your senses and relax, what could be more relaxing than to slip into your couch dissolving in the tranquilizing aroma of orange and cinnamon candle!

Or projecting it in a completely different frame where you need to arrange a romantic date for your loved one! What could possibly give the better effect that an orange and cinnamon  candle to create the magical ambiance for that evening!

This might add to a luxury item but the effect it gives to calm one’s anxiety and stress makes it an absolute essential household item! The pleasing fragrance simply do the trick of stealing away our day-long jitters just like that!

Isn’t it amazing to note how these aromatic candles effortlessly spill the charm leaving us utterly refreshed at once!

At Sutton and Tawney, we make essential oil candles that bring a calming effect, diffusing its aroma optimally into the air! The scented effect kicks away the negativity bringing you in a mind space of utter bliss!

With the essential oils being created in Northampton and the candles manufactured in the Surrey Hills, Sutton and Tawney, we work tirelessly to make sure that we come up with the best creations.

 All candles have a luxurious burn time of 55 hours, presented in beautiful packaging of frosted glass candle with a bronze lid over it!

Orange and Cinnamon candles – the ultimate winter scent!

Our essential oil orange and cinnamon candles have been carefully created to bring you the ultimate winter scent. A classic seasonal blend of spices and citrus fruits with a warm note of amber. Perfect to light up a cosy night in.

Candle burn time is 55 hours and includes lid

Bergamot Candle

Relieve your stress after a long day with our Bergamot candle. Combining heady notes of ylang ylang and jasmine

Candle burn time is 55 hours and includes lid

Rose and Lavender Candle

The scent of Summer! Feel relaxed and uplifted with our rose and lavender candle. Mixed with notes of thyme and sage you’ll feel like you’re relaxing in an English garden

Candle burn time is 55 hours and includes lid

Lemon and Basil Candle

Our lemon and basil candle made with essential oils has a fresh citrus aroma infused with lemon, basil, thyme and bay oil. Perfect for an energising boost!

Candle burn time is 55 hours and includes lid